Learn how to start a vlog and get started vlogging! Learn how to start making money via your vlog and your vlogging efforts!

It’s simple and easy with YouTube and you don’t need much to start. Just a camera (your mobile phone will do!) and a commitment to start and not quit.

And, I’ve already started making money, just after a couple months! In fact, after 2 months I’ve made ~$500! You can check out my YouTube Revenue Reports for more detail!

Here’s how I’m making money via YouTube!

If you follow along on my own journey you’ll be able to see live revenue reports, like this:

Finance dashboard!

The point is this: It’s a lot easier than you believe! I can show you how!

My (Current) Gear List:

Something that always surprises folks is the fact that I do all of my production on my iPhone 7 Plus. EVERYTHING. This includes capturing footage, editing, producing, and then publication. Here’s a list of my current setup:

Here’s a quick walkthrough as well:

So, please subscribe to my channel and then feel free to ping me anytime via the comments or via Twitter! I’ll respond and help you get things setup!